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2014 - Continued

August 2014: Visit to Sweden and the Norwegian Woodturning Cruise

In August Terry and his wife Yuriko were joined by their friends from Brisbane, Theo and Stella Haralampou, to visit Sweden and travel to the village of Lindensberg to see the Tormek factory. They caught up with friends Hakan Persson and Stig Reitan, and met Karin Jansson, one of the Tormek owners. They showed us wonderful hospitality, a highlight of which was the amazingly peaceful dinner on board a flatboat in the middle of a serene lake. The sun took hours to set as we drifted, ate and drank with lots of laughter. I am besotted with Sweden. 

Good friends from opposite sides of the world
Good friends from opposite sides of the world - the Swedish and Australian flags fly together.
L – R: Hakan, Yuriko, Stig, Theo, Stella and Karin. Skol!


View from hotel in Lindensberg
At our hotel in Lindensberg we woke to a view of the lake that was almost too good to be true.
It is wonderful to know that such places still exist.

Stig and Hakan showed us some woodturning sights and in a turners’ small cooperative shop we found this copy of Impossibowl, the piece that is on the cover of Terry’s latest book – and the book had yet to be released when it was done! The power of the internet is amazing as Terry had only posted an image on this website a few months earlier. 

Stig with Impossicopy.
Considering the man who made it had not seen my how-to photos in the book, it was a fair try.

Next the Australian foursome travelled with Stig to Norway to join the Norwegian Woodturning cruise - it was a photographers paradise! 

The MS Gann
The MS Gann, the ship that took us the length of the Norwegian coast and back
on a journey lasting 12 days.


Entrancing seascapes greeted us every day
Entrancing seascapes greeted us every day as we breathed the pure Nordic air on deck.


We crept into impossibly narrow fjords and found tiny settlements,
enfolded by mountains far away from the rest of the world.


There was an austere beauty about the sea that touched all of us.
There was an austere beauty about the sea that touched all of us.


Terry demonstrating on the MS Gann.
As a demonstrator, Terry turned each day for the passengers and guests who came on board in each port.
For more information about the next cruise in 2017, visit http://www.woodturningcruise.com/en/.


Mike Hosaluk
Mike Hosaluk, the man who since 1992 has influenced Terry more than any other turner,
turns a long-handled ladle. The handle whirls in a spectacular arc.

January - May 2014: Travels with Adam Doran - Australia, China, and the USA

In January 2014 Adam Doran came to Australia to work with Terry for six months. He made such an impression during the Irish Wall Project that Terry wanted to give him the chance to spread his wings and he did! 

Adam Doran in Australia
Adam and I travelled thousands of kilometres
to collect wood. It is a long way from Ireland.
Adam Doran working
Adam sometimes works as Glenn Lucas's assistant
and he can make shavings as fast as anyone I know.
It was such a pleasure to have him in my home.

Adam and I travelled to China in March. I saw China afresh through his eyes and was really happy to see how much he made of the opportunity. 

Terry, Adam, and Wang Haibo
Terry introduces Adam and his new friend Wang Haibo to the audience
at the launch of the Dongxiang collaborative event (see Projects).
They were both embarrassed, but everyone could see how well they symbolised
international woodworking cooperation.

In May Terry and Adam travelled to the USA where they worked on a photographic project for wood art collector Bob Bohlen. They were helped by Zina Burloiu, who was in the US to attend the AAW symposium. After much hard work the three of them took a small vacation in Manhattan. 

Zina and Adam in the Big Apple
Zina and Adam in the Big Apple.


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