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November 2013: Travels to China

In November Terry travelled again to China to demonstrate at a China-ASEAN region conference where he was also one of the judges of a sculpture competition.

Terry and Professors
At Guangxi University Terry shows two professors how to spin the tops he made.


Carver in Nanning
Carver in Nanning
Carvers working at the CHINA-ASEAN region conference


Wenzhou Special School
After the Expo, Terry travelled to the Wenzhou Special School
to investigate setting up a woodturning program.

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September 2013: Collaboration 2013

Collaboration 2013 Group
Collaboration 2013 Group

In September 2013 Terry joined in Collaboration 2013, courtesy of his good friend Ernie Newman. It was a respite from a crazy timetable, held in the peaceful countryside outside the small town of Bowral in New South Wales. Good friends (some old, some new), good fun and good memories. 

June 2013: Travels to the USA

At the Fuller Craft Museum in June 2013, Terry gave a lecture and gallery walk-through on the exhibition Across the Grain: Turned and Carved Wood.

Terry was at the annual AAW symposium again in June, this year in Tampa Florida.

As always, Terry took advantage of his time in the USA to visit old friends and to make new ones. Among other places, he renewed his acquaintance with the Center for Art in Wood (formerly the Wood Turning Center) in Philadelphia, made his first visit to Hawaii to see Sharon Doughtie and Pat Kramer, and returned to Arizona to stay with J Paul Fennell. He also visited Wood Culture Historian Harvey Green in New Hampshire, and collector Bob Bohlen in Boston to see his latest acquisitions and hear about his plans for another enormous wood art exhibition.

Dragonfly in New Hampshire
Among all the rush it is so good to find quiet moments.
While visiting with Harvey and Susan in New Hampshire, this dragonfly chose to land on my hand.
Time for both of us to pause and reflect.

April 2013: Travels to China

In April 2013, Terry traveled to China again to follow up on his search for traditional Chinese turning. Terry traveled to the isolated village of Shawo in Hebei Province where traditional turners have worked for hundreds of years. He was the first Westerner ever to visit the village and was shown wonderful hospitality. They showed how they turn wood on ancient lathes and he will be writing about it in the near future.

Six old turners in China
Six old turners in China.

Terry was invited to speak at the Beijing Forestry University to post-graduate students in furniture design, wood technology and forestry. “I was so impressed with these young people,” says Terry. “Their level of English was excellent and at the end they really challenged me with tough questions. It was one of the best groups I have ever spoken to.

Looking to the future: the wonderful students who attended Terry’s lecture
Looking to the future: the wonderful students who attended Terry’s lecture.

While he was in Beijing, Terry also demonstrated to a group of turners from different regions of China. Again, he was impressed by them all. “It is such a privilege to meet these turners. I have never been treated so well.”

Terry in Beijing
Terry in Beijing.

Terry travelled to the city of DongYang where he met Master Feng Wentu, officially recognized in China as Chinese Great Artist of Arts and Crafts, Representative Inheritor of National Intangible Cultural Heritage. Master Feng opened his world to Terry.


Master Feng watches his artists creating a wall sculpture
Master Feng watches his artists
creating a wall sculpture.
A traditional smith forges carving tools in DongYang
A traditional smith forges carving tools
in DongYang.


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